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Ismart Shankar Movie Review:

iSmart Shankar Movie Director Puri Jagannadh aims to bring the story of a flawed, seemingly heartless criminal, who happens to fall for the only girl who will not put up with his giddiness. But what happens when said criminal finds out he has not just been paid to kill someone, but been used as a pawn in something far more sinister? With a plot like that, one expects the film to be fast-paced and maybe remotely logical. But with iSmart Shankar you get anything but that.

Shankar (Ram Pothineni) is a criminal who doesn’t shy from making enemies. He mouths dialogues in an annoying manner while offing his enemies and is bronzed orange. His double-toned jeans and gaudy shirts happen to come across a civil engineer called Chandini (Nabha Natesh), someone who’s unafraid of him and his nonsense. But of course, she eventually falls for him even if his favourite pastime is to frustrate her beyond belief. On the other hand are CBI agent Anand (Satya Dev) who’s working on Shankar’s murder case and his girlfriend Sarah (Nidhhi Agerwal), a neuro-scientist, whose invention is crucial to this tale. There’s also a mystery plot that Shankar must unveil that is so predictable, it’s funny how you can smell the conclusion from a mile away.

Movie: iSmart Shankar

Music: Manisharma

Lead roles: Ram Pothineni, Naba Natesh, Nidhi Agarwal

iSmart Shankar Title Song Lyrics in English

Patha Hai Main Kaun Hoon
Shankar Usdhat Ismart Shankar

Gada Bida Laku Befikar
Sadak Sadak Kadak Pogar
Istyle Dekho Niche Upar
Ish Ish Ismartu..

Naam Boletho Galli Hadal
Double Dhimak Undhi Idhar
Karle Apni Neeche Nazar
Ish Ish Ismartu..

Hyderabad Shahar Mei
Pucho Bey Saale
Charminar Chadharghat
Antha Naadhe
Kiri Kiri Kiri Kiri Kiri Kiri
Jesthe Makirikiri

Hahaha Ismart Shankar

Eh Beer Esukunta Bindasugunta
Bam Bhole Shambo Shiva
Nanu Viketodu Duniyala Ledu
Yadunna Naadhe Hawaa

Edaina Gani Matter
Chai Batthi Pe Settle
Tegaledhante Agar
Sar Pe Pod Dhun Bottle

Ismile Emo Kirrak Brother
Cut Emo Guram Figure
Akkad Bakkad Ek Hee Takkar
Ismart Shankaar

Dhigindante Khatham Matter
Makkeliragadhise Meter
Katak Matak Chattar Battar
Ismart Shankar

Hahaha Ismart Shankar

Eyy Bomma..
Nuv Huu Ante Golkonda Repair Chesi
Nee Chethila Pedtha
Ninnu Begum Ni Chesi Qila Meedha
Kuso Bedtha
Hahaha Kya Bolthi..Ah

Chal Bey Saale Nilantollani Mastu Chushna

Dil Ne Pathangila Egareska Poye
Khaddu Kha Kheer Ladki
Naa Kantla Vadithe Idisedhe Ledhu
Pattestha Uriki Uriki

Bas Hei Ek Nazar
Bajega Dil Ki Bazar
Dedunga Banthi Flower
Gunguru Gunguru Gal Gal

Fida Hua Dekkhe Shakal
Love Jestha Rathri Pagal
Konivedatha Kilo Nagal
Ismart Shankar

Nadum Chusthe Centimeter
Venakostha Kilometer
Gift Istha 7 Seater
Ismart Shankar

Hey Ismart Nuvvu Thurum Raa

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